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It is way past time to promote drug use exiting recovery, not simply 'harm reduction' mechanisms that only sustain on going drug use. If there is no focus on an exit strategy from the 'Harm Causer' - the drug, then we are are simply putting 'Band-Aids' on gangrenous wounds.

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Vaping  Info Sheet

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Combining MDMA and alcohol increases the risk of adverse or severe side effects. In some cases, side effects can be fatal or cause long-term health problems. Taking both MDMA and alcohol increases the risk of an acute intoxication and accompanying harms. If people think someone has consumed MDMA or too much alcohol or both, they should seek immediate medical help. All use of psychotropic toxins carries risk, both short and long term. No use is best health practice.

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Soaring rates of vaping among young people and associated problems have resulted in great urgency and important challenges for policymakers. Despite the urgency, policies should be evidence-based and thoughtfully designed. They require effective, collaborative, and well-funded enforcement by federal and state governments. Policymakers should aim to reduce vaping among young people while maintaining avenues to help smokers quit. Finally, policies should be forward-thinking, since the e-cigarette market is rapidly changing and e-cigarette companies can be more agile than regulators.

Published March 25, 2020, at DOI:  10.1056/NEJMp1917065   

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Ecstasy Deaths – Red Card on Pill Testing


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