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One in 5 adolescents at risk of tobacco dependency, harmful alcohol consumption and illicit drug use

Date: June 7, 2017

Source: University of Bristol

Summary: Researchers have found regular and occasional cannabis use as a teen is associated with a greater risk of other illicit drug taking in early adulthood. The study also found cannabis use was associated with harmful drinking and smoking.

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 2 June 2017 

The teenager's father is backing Lord Monson's call for skunk to be reclassified  
Credit:Matthew Fearn/PA wire

Ateenage rugby player cut off his own penis and stabbed his mother while high on skunk, his father has revealed, as he called for the drug to be reclassified.

The father, named only as Nick because he wants to remain anonymous as his son is rebuilding his life, is backing Lord Nicholas Monson's campaign to have skunk reclassified from a class B to a class A drug and for the traditional weaker form of cannabis to be decriminalised.

Lord Monson launched his call following the suicide of his 21-year-old son Rupert, who was addicted to skunk.

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Cannabis Harm Prevention Message a must...

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Miller and Oberbarnscheidt, Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy 2017, S11:014 DOI: 10.4172/2155-6105.1000S11-014


According to research studies, marijuana use causes aggressive behavior, causes or exacerbates psychosis and produce paranoias. Нese eوٴects have been illustrated through case studies of highly publicized incidents and heightened political profiles. Нese cases contain examples of repeated illustrations of aggression, psychosis and paranoia by marijuana users and intoxication. Ultimately, without the use and intoxication of marijuana, the poor judgment and misperceptions displayed by these individuals would not have been present, reducing the risk for actions that result in senseless deaths. Import to these assertions, is that the current marijuana is far more potent in THC concentrations, the psychoactive component. Accordingly, and demonstrated in direct studies, more potent marijuana results in a greater risk for paranoid thinking and psychosis. In turn, paranoid behavior increases the risk for paranoid behaviors and predictably associated with aggressive and violent behaviors. Marijuana use causes violent behavior through increased aggressiveness, paranoia and personality changes (more suspicious, aggressive and anger). Recent illicit and “medical marijuana” (especially grown by care givers for medical marijuana) is of much high potency and more likely to cause violent behavior. Marijuana use and its adverse effects should be considered in cases of acts of violence as its role is properly assigned to its high association. Recognize that high potency marijuana is a predictable and preventable cause of tragic violent consequences.

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Anyway, expecting the inevitable claim that marijuana is a peaceful drug, I drew up a list of the major crimes, some political, some not, whose perpetrators or alleged perpetrators have been found, either through police records or the testimony of their acquaintances, to be cannabis users. 

I thought I'd reproduce it here. The order is random. The usual caveat applies. All I am saying here is that ultra-violent crime is a subset of crime as a whole, which is distinguished by being thoroughly covered by the media. This information is available about the criminals which is not available about most criminals.  

I would like to see the police and courts compelled by law to investigate and record the drug use of all persons convicted of violent crime, and for the results of this recording to be the subject of an inquiry into an apparent correlation. That is all. Anyone who says I have said anything else is making it up. They will. Please disregard it.

All the following are known cannabis users:

  • The mass killer on the beach in Sousse, Tunisia, Seifeddine Rezgui. 
  • Jared Loughner, culprit of the 2008 Tucson massacre in which six died and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was terribly wounded.
  • Deyan Deyanov, killer (by beheading) of Jennifer Mills-Westley in Tenerife, 
  • Nicholas Salavador, killer, by decapitation, of Mrs Palmira Silva in London, 
  • Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale  killers of Lee Rigby, 
  • Cherif and Said Kouachi, and Ahmedy Coulibaly,  culprits of the Charlie Hebdo Killings. 
  • Ibrahim and Saleh Abdeslam, and Omar Ismail Mostefai, culprits of the Bataclan killings in Paris last November, 
  • Martin Rouleau, killer of an unnamed Canadian soldier (unnamed by the choice of his family)  in St Jean-sur-Richelieu in October 2014,  
  • Michael Zehaf Bibeau, killer of another Canadian soldier, 
  • Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa, also in October 2014,
  • Jonathan Bowling and Ashley Foster, killers of the Sheffield church organist Alan Greaves, beaten to death for no reason, 
  • Ayoub el-Khazzani  who attempted a terrorist outrage on the Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris.

Who is next?????

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