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Welcome to The NoBrainer
Teacher Tools Section

This site is dedicated to supplying education and information resources to our learniing facilittors and teachers who want to further edecuate and inform their school communities. These resources can be used by you to present proactive and preventative messages on the alcohol and other drug issues to your school communities .

As a Dalgarno Institute ‘fence building’ partner, we want to provide you with resources that we trust will be ‘user-friendly’ and effective. These resources are password protected and partners will need to email us to obtain password for accessing the resource.

We trust this service will add to your advocacy work and equip you to ‘build better protective fences’ in your community.

(NOTES TO USERS: All power-point presentations are password protected. Simply email us and request the password. Once you have accessed the resource you are encouraged to read all the ‘PRESENTER NOTES’ (where available) at the bottom of each power-point slide to familiarise yourself with not only the content, but it’s context and hints on presenting the information. Of course, once you have access the power-point you can change it, but please remember the presentation is copyrighted to The Dalgarno Institute and it used only by permission (via password allocation) and any changes should reflect the theme and content of the original presentation)

Download BRAIN DEAD VIDEO COMPETITION – Curriculum Addendum
Download Fence Building Forum - Alcohol and Gambling
Download Fence Building Forum - Oh No, Not the 'A' Word
Download Screening Brief Intervention Referral Treatment
Download Drug Court Documents
Download Understanding Big Deal Marijuana Presentation - January 2013
Download Drinking Related Lifestyles Summary Vic Health 2013

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We provide a range of tools for educators to help deal with the issues of alcohol & other drugs
We provide a range of resources to help you deal with the issues of alcohol & other drugs
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